Human X-Ray machine: Unbelievable Eye sight

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Fantasy land is under attack once more! Our saint, Kirby, comes back to impel a protect. Ruler Dedede is grabbing up Dream Land’s nourishment supply, yet he is not alone! Dyna Blade, Meta Knight and a large number of other fiendishness baddies are free to move around at will and wreaking devastation all through the land.

Utilize any of Kirby’s astonishing forces to make a “partner” to help you in fight. On the other hand have a companion go along with you for around two player move by making control of Kirby’s aide. Help Kirby work through EIGHT testing diversions loaded with activity and enterprise. Enter the shred in Spring Breeze, enter a foot race against King Dedede in Gourmet Race and handle a winged warrior in Dyna Blade.

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Change your response abilities in Megaton Punch and Samurai Kirby, then fight your way through the Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight and Milky Way Wishes. Every amusement is distinctive AND some additional unique shocks are in store for you!
It is exemplary Kirby amusement play and a great deal more in 8 awesome recreations! The gameplay is both fun and testing now and again. Everybody will appreciate controlling Kirby around the Dreamland and past. You advance around by gulping Kirby’s adversaries and after that utilizing them as shots or you can take their forces if the adversary you gulped has one. There are bunches of adversaries with forces so you won’t generally have a similar old controls again and again.